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Access Forms


Security Access Form for all Residents

Lake Club Waiver Document for all Residents

Landlord Agreement Document for Tenants

Lake Club members and their family and friends who accompany them, can access the facility using a fob provided by either the Lake Club Manager, or from the previous owner, that must be activated for Lake Club access by the Lake Club Manager.

Each HOA member household is allowed access to the Lake Club once they fill out the Lake Club Security Access Form and sign the Waiver and Indemnity Forms. These two documents must be submitted to the Lake Club Manager along with a document confirming your Rocky Ridge mailing address and photo ID.

Owners who rent out their properties should ensure that each new tenant signs the Lake Club Security Access form and Waiver and Indemnity form. Owners must sign a Landlord Agreement document for each new tenant.


Board policy allows 2 fobs to be registered per household. Additional fobs can be purchased for $50. Lost fobs can be replaced for a cost of $50 and the Lake Club Manager should be notified so that the lost fob can be deactivated in the system.


When an HOA unit is sold, fobs should be transferred to the new owners through the sale of the property
and the new owner must sign and submit the required documents in order to access the Lake Club.


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