HOA Association

The five members of the HOA board of directors are elected annually at the HOA Annual General Meeting in May. While four of the HOA board members are elected from the HOA members at large (you must be a home owner to vote) the fifth board member is designated by Statesman, the company who developed the Lakes at Rocky Ridge and wrote up the original HOA by-laws. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 AGM was postponed to October 2020 and the HOA Board for 2020/2021 was elected at the AGM meeting on October 19th.


The monthly fee that all home owners pay to the HOA goes towards maintenance of HOA property (flower garden and signs at the community entrance, the fence along Rocky Ridge Rd, the waterfall and the lookout at the corner of Rocky Vista Pk and Rocky Vista Dr) and the maintenance and support of the Lake Club facility, as well as activities and programs that are offered to the community.

Note: The Rocky Ridge Ranch Home Owners Association (RRRHA) is a separate residential association unrelated to the Lakes at Rocky Ridge HOA and residents of The Lakes at Rocky Ridge therefore do not have access to The Rocky Ridge Ranch on Rocky Ridge Boulevard.




2020/2021 HOA Management Board Members


Amber Brown

Vice President

Rod Corbett


Winnie Silvester

Member at Large

Brenda Winkler

Statesman Representative

Haley Rutherford

HOA Management Board Meetings


The HOA Management Board meets regularly and minutes from their meetings are made available following their approval at the next meeting.



Board Meeting Minutes - October 2022

Board Meeting Minutes - September 2022

Board Meeting Minutes - August 2022

Board Meeting Minutes - June 2022

Board Meeting Minutes - March 2022


Board Meeting Minutes - December 2021

Board Meeting Minutes - July 2021

Board Meeting Minutes - May 2021

Board Meeting Minutes - March 2021


Board Meeting Minutes - November 2020

Board Meeting Minutes - September 2020

Board Meeting Minutes - July 2020

Board Meeting Minutes - June 2020

Board Meeting Minutes - February 2020 

Board Meeting Minutes - January 2020


Board Meeting Minutes - November 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - October 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - August 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - July 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - June 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - May 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - April 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - March 2019

Board Meeting Minutes - February 2019

Annual General Meeting 


The AGM for The Lakes at Rocky Ridge is held annually in May. A Notice of the AGM is mailed to each Unit Owner in compliance with the required time specified in the Bylaws of the Society and minutes of the meeting are made available following their review and approval by the HOA Board. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 AGM was postponed to October 2020 and the HOA Board for 2020/2021 was elected at the AGM meeting on October 19th.

AGM Minutes - October 2020

AGM Minutes - May 2019



For comments or concerns regarding the HOA, please send an e-mail to lakesatrrhoa@gmail.com.


Any concerns that require immediate attention should be directed to The Lake Club Office on 587-349-1338
or e-mail activity.lakeclub@shaw.ca.

The Lake Club Manager's Office Hours are
Monday to Thursday from 8am to 1pm.