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Indoor Cycling Options

We have added a spin bike to our bike collection in the Gym, giving you another cycling option, depending on the workout you require. Whereas standard exercise bikes feature an upright, straight-back sitting position, putting most of the focus on your leg muscles, spin exercise bikes force the rider to sit forward, more closely mimicking the feel of riding outdoors, which focuses the workout on your core as well as your legs. Recumbent bikes are ideal for those with mobility issues, offering a less intensive workout with full lower back support. There are two recumbent bikes, one upright bike and one spin bike in the Gym.

Follow these tips for your spin bike workout:

1. Please bring a sweat towel for your spin session

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Adjust spin bike as per instructions posted in the Gym

4. Use your device with headphones

5. Be courteous to others who may wish to use the bike

6. Wipe down spin bike after use

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