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Noise Levels at The Lake Club

Please observe courtesy when utilizing the Lake Club facilities and uphold respect for our communal property and the rights of fellow members. If you reserve the Activity Room, we kindly request that you ensure thorough cleanup after your event and maintain noise levels at a considerate volume within the premises. Additionally, we ask that your event and attendees remain confined within the designated room to avoid disturbance to other users of the facility.

For those who exercise late at night, we urge you to be mindful of our neighbours and keep noise levels to a minimum. Please handle weights with care and refrain from lingering outside the building upon departure from the Lake Club. As the summer months bring longer days, it's important to remember that some nearby homeowners may appreciate quiet during later hours.

Gym users are reminded to be considerate of others sharing the space. If using the gym alongside fellow members, please wear headphones and maintain a low noise level during workouts to ensure minimal disturbance to others.


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